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I was born in Belarus and moved to US with my family when I was 10 years old. Three years later, I used all of my savings to purchase two Pioneer CDJs, a Numark mixer, and a pair of Sony headphones. I became a huge fan of trance music and loved making mixes for my friends and spinning on several internet radio stations. Soon, my friend Spike and I made a label VPM Records, where we would post our mixes and productions.

When I went to college, I had to temporarily put DJing on hold, although I would still making annual Global Dance mixes and spin at local college events and fundraisers. In my senior year, I got a residency at Red Maple lounge, and made numerous appearances at clubs such as Mosaic, Ibiza, Cazbar, Midtown, Muse, Ozio, and 7W. Currently, I am focusing on music production and remixing, but I always enjoy playing gigs at clubs around US Mid-Atlantic area. For more information on my upcoming gigs check out my Facebook page.


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